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Nor-cal pipelines defines what it means to be comprehensive
hydrovac california

California Hydrovac Services

Having the ability to combine our services minimizes the need for additional contractors and prevents the delay that accompanies waiting on other contractors. Mobilization fees are minimized, communication and planning is streamlined, and the project’s runtime is often reduced.
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ground penetrating radar california

Ground Penetrating Radar

NorCal GPR, Ground Penetrating Radar service is a non-destructive, disturbance free, time and cost effective practice of locating underground utilities. Our California GPR services allow us to provide digital and physical reports of an area’s underground utilities locations and depths.All of this helps the job site run more efficiently as the project moves forward. We currently use multiple LMX200's.
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slot trenching california

Slot Trenching

Nor Cal’s Slot Trench Services allow excavation to any depth with precision for any pipeline/pipe installation. Our technicians give peace of mind to contractors to Dig foundations with confidence. Slot with our slot trenching technology, dig 100% safe to prevent dig-ins with perimeter slot trenching.
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potholing california


Nor Cal’s California based potholing services allow the locating of underground utilities with confidence. Visual daylighting of utilities prevents the risk of damage caused by traditional excavation methods.
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bell holes california


Nor Cal Pipeline Services provides Bell Hole services for larger excavation needs. The large excavations allow technicians to travel down into the sides of the pipe or pipe system for pipeline repair.
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