Ground Penetrating Radar

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What is Ground Penetrating Radar?

Nondestructive Underground Location
Streamlined Communication
Quicker Completion Times
Nor-cal pipelines defines what it means to be comprehensive
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Ground Penetrating Radar

What is Ground Penetrating Radar? How does it work? Ground Penetrating Radar or “GPR” is a nondestructive means of locating objects buried in the subsurface. Ground penetrating radar has the same basic principles as using a metal detector. Our GPR equipment sends out millions of frequencies that return to the antenna and translates the data. This data is translated visually onto the GPR controller which is then marked and a GPR coordinate can be established while locating and mapping utilities.

  • Plastic (PVC)
  • metal, transite
  • Clay and Concrete Pipes
  • Storage Tanks- septic, fuel, water, gas.
  • Gas, Power and Fiber Optic utilities.
  • Manholes
  • Abandoned Utilities
  • CATV
  • Telecommunication Lines
  • Unmarked Graves
  • Sink Holes
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Scanning Concrete

Can GPR be used to scan concrete? Yes, GPR is being widely used and is often a requirement prior to any and all penetrations. GPR can be used as a nondestructive way to establish wall or slab thickness and reinforcement. When performing a structural analysis GPR can be used to accurately assess: Rebar MatsWire MeshPost Tension (PT)Robinson DeckingBeamsConduitSmurf Tube (Flex)

Accurate results in a safe, reliable and professional manner.

"Our GPR technicians go through extensive training to help aid in the locating, marking and identifying of all utilities. Our vehicles carry two types of technology. Both being of the most accurate and up to date technology available including Ground Penetrating Radar and Radio Detection equipment."

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